The TA2 Asia Drivers’ Championship is a race series like no other. This ‘one make’ series sets driver against driver in cars that are equal in every respect. Open only to amateur competitors, your skill as a driver, and not the size of your team or your cheque book, will showcase these thunderous machines and decide the TA2 Asia Drivers’ Champion.

A preliminary series was staged in Thailand for 2018 season, with two rounds of racing per weekend.  The inaugural TA2 Asia Drivers’ Championship started in Sepang, Malaysia and then returned to Thailand visiting, Buriram twice, Bangsaen street circuit, Bira race track before the final race in Buriram. Our eventual champion after a very close season of fast and furious racing was won by Philip Moussoud.

With an incredible level of interest already shown so far for the new 2019 season, from sponsors and drivers, the series and the Championship is set to expand year on year throughout Asia. The racing format is set to change this season with the introduction of each race apart from Bangsaen street circuit being of one hour during. To add to the excitement, there will be an obligatory halfway pit stop. A change of tyre and also a second driver is permitted to your race. This makes it extremely exciting and gives an opportunity for some real teamwork.

We all look forward to a great season of racing TA2 Asia style.